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What to bring

This is just a small list of stuff that is either hard (or impossible) to get here or very expensive, or that what’s available isn’t very good quality and therefore won’t really do the job!

Good quality sun screen
If surfing or swimming a waterproof one is essential.  As we are so close to the equator the sun is very strong here so please include some high factor ie 30+. If you do unfortunately get sun burnt, we grow Aloe Vera to soothe your sore bits!

Plasters & dressings
I recommend fabric plasters, due to the high humidity the plastic waterproof type don’t stick very well! A selection of larger non-stick dressings may well come in handy if you are a keen surfer. There are several pharmacies in Pottuvil, they can supply an effective anti biotic powder which seems to help the healing process very well.

Mosquito repellant
Needed especially between October through till May, ie the rainy season is any time from late October until February and the little blighters hang around for a few months after.  However there have been no reported cases of Malaria in this area for many years.  During full season time there are very few.  One containing DEET seem to be more effective or Avon have a moisturiser –‘Skin So Soft’ which is apparently used by the UK armed forces for repelling midges, mozzies etc plus they have the best complexions in the world !

Although not essential, is useful as there is no street lighting and we have storm drains by the side of the road that are just waiting for people to fall into and ruin their holiday.

Ladies toiletries
Tampons are not generally available on the east coast, we do have a small supply in our shop.

Boogie board flippers
Not available here, however we do have 2 ‘Delta’ boards for rental.

Surf booties
If planning to come and surf outside of the surf season (i.e. mid June until mid Oct) then you may want to include these as possibly the only reasonable surf will be at the main Abay point which is reef, but then again you never know there can be some beach breaks working at odd times.

Green & Blacks 70% dark chocolate
The chocolate here is shocking, so you will always be able to sell it at huge profit if you don’t like chocolate.

Hula Hoops, plain salted
This a UK thing, should also include any other crisps/chips/snacks that are your favorite as Sri Lanka don’t really make such delights, sob sob. You can only get Pringles.

Lots of spare cash to buy our Gecko branded T shirts and other Gecko products!