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Meet the staff

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Meet the Staff

All amazing, friendly, helpful & hardworking guys who are the kindest, the most long suffering people to our lively children.

Is our lovely manager (and our nephew!), he has been with us right from the start in Dec 2004 when we had our 1st & then subsequent 2nd shop (due to the 1st being lost in the Tsunami). After saving hard for many years he recently bought himself a shiny black motorbike which is his beloved ‘baby’.

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Joined us in Sept 2006, from a small village in Nuwara Eliya district. He came to us with a huge knowledge of plants and gardening and has been a key participant in how our garden looks today. He now is our smiling chef and lovingly makes our bread, cakes & other goodies.

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Joined us this year & is Ramesh’s youngest brother. Was formally a demon tuc tuc driver (if you ask him nicely he will take you out for a spin) but decided to join us and what a welcome addition he is. Working mainly in the restaurant, but as all of the staff they lend their hands to anything.

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Again joined us this year & is one of (there are many) Ramesh’s cousin’s.  Srikanth recently returned from working in Quatar & is head room boy.  The staff have nicknamed him ‘Budda’ which is a bit harsh.

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Also joined us this year, his father is our amazing caretaker/gardener at our other land ‘Cool Chameleon’. Nimal is another room boy, quietly and calmly taking care of your rooms, he too helps in the kitchen when the heat is on.

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We are also training a number of younger guys, this gives opportunity for young locals to learn a profession.