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Kids !

As we have 2 lovely, lively children of our own, we are mindful that if planning to come here as a family then you may have some alternative questions, concerns and needs.

We can provide a solid wooden slatted sided cot suitable for up to 18 months complete with mosquito net. 

We also have a baby car seat suitable for up to 7-8 months together with a kid’s car seat suitable from 9 months to 12 years.

We can provide special foods (oh they can be sooo particular) for the small people. Baby purees with just pure fruit or cooked veggies (i.e. no salt, sugar or water added).  For the next size up we can prepare fun, easy to eat, healthy temptations.  Most of the menu items can be provided in half portions.

There will be no charge if you need an extra bed for a child up to 12 yrs old.
If you would like us to get you some nappies/diapers please just let us know the size /weight and amount well in advance as we would need to source these from Kandy or Colombo. (The average cost of a bale of 54 nappies is around 1,700 for a reasonable quality, cotton feel exterior, elasticated legs & velcro fastening)

The swimming here in A-Bay during the surf season is not particulary well suited to young or nervous swimmers except in the baby point corner, also there are other surf spots which maybe better suited for small ones.

If you have any questions or concerns please do contact us